KM8V XLX216 Reflector  v2.2.2 - Service uptime: 12 days 13:54:31
 Module A - D-Star - XLX International Interlink
 Module D - D-Star - Linked to BrandMeister DMR TG 31391 (Northeast Ohio)
 Module E - D-Star - Linked to BrandMeister DMR TG 98003 (Reddit)

 Brandmeister DMR TG 98003 bridged to Echolink KM8V-L, US Reddit YSF and AllStar Node 48224 

 D-Star users should connect using DCS (DCS216). XRF is known to have issues. 

 NOTE: Users coming in on Echolink or AllStar will appear on DMR and
 this reflector as W5RI.

 Gateway Information Page
# Flag DV Station Band Last Heard Linked for Protocol Module IP
1 United StatesUnited States AA4JQ-B 70cm 17.09.2019 15:34 0 days 20:22:43 s DCS E
2 United StatesUnited States KE4GBW-B 70cm 18.09.2019 03:52 0 days 08:04:30 s DMRMmdvm E
3 United StatesUnited States KK4BOR-B 70cm 18.09.2019 04:43 0 days 07:13:37 s DMRMmdvm E