KM8V XLX216 Reflector  v2.3.1 - Service uptime: 40 days 19:49:47
 Module A - D-Star - XLX International Interlink
 Module D - D-Star - Linked to BrandMeister DMR TG 31391 (Northeast Ohio)
 Module E - D-Star - Linked to BrandMeister DMR TG 98003 (Reddit)

 Brandmeister DMR TG 98003 bridged to Echolink W5RI-L, US Reddit YSF and AllStar Node 48224 

 D-Star users should connect using DCS (DCS216). XRF is known to have issues. 

 NOTE: Users coming in on Echolink or AllStar will appear on DMR and
 this reflector as W5RI.
 The P25 Reflector is running, but is not currently linked to anything else.

 Gateway Information Page
# Flag DV Station Band Last Heard Linked for Protocol Module IP
1 United StatesUnited States NZ4DK-B 70cm 10.05.2020 06:28 16 days 10:24:45 s DCS E
2 United StatesUnited States W4RNF-B 70cm 14.05.2020 03:31 12 days 13:21:48 s DCS E
3 United StatesUnited States NS7I-D Dongle 19.05.2020 02:50 7 days 14:02:35 s DCS E
4 United StatesUnited States AA4JQ-B 70cm 22.05.2020 18:21 3 days 22:32:00 s DCS E